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Join Nymi at EVOLVE 2021 Virtual Conference

Rethinking Operational Resilience for Financial Services, Americas Edition

February 23 – 24

EVOLVE 2021 is designed to help financial services firms attain their operational resilience objectives while offering a platform for key practitioners to share ideas and concerns. This virtual conference will be looking at the regulatory, operational, and practical concerns of the North American market.

For many financial institutions, navigating the coronavirus pandemic has been an exercise of forced adaptations, creative workarounds, and difficult choices. One of the most striking consequences is that the traditional way of managing risk and compliance fails when tested by fast-moving, interconnected risks ⁠– and that needs to change.

Financial institutions and regulators finally agree on the fact that everything is now on the table, and we have the opportunity to create positive, productive, and lasting change that will make financial institutions more resilient to face whatever crisis will come next.

The Financial Services industry needs to think about operational resilience in terms of preventing disruption, at the same it addresses the problem of restoring business and providing services seamlessly and continuously, no matter what hits.

Tune in as Chris Sullivan, Nymi CEO and Tim Callahan, Aflac Global Chief Security Officer do their deep dive on:

Planning for the Zombie Apocalypse — How Digitizing the Workers Advances Resiliency, Security, and Operations Across the Business

Many companies continue to struggle with true digital transformation because they are trying to connect users to their digital systems on a case-by-case basis. This session will discuss how building around "work from anywhere" and a "unified service for connecting staff" positioned Aflac for success at all stages of the pandemic while delivering concrete benefits for Security, HR, Facilities, Health and Safety, and DX functions.


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