The challenge of connecting workers

The benefits of technology in the workplace are self-evident. It can make our jobs easier, more productive, and more profitable. This is the most basic goal of digital transformation (DX). Although businesses understand that they want and need to transform, entire industries struggle to evolve — particularly those with active workforces, such as manufacturing, service, defense, and healthcare. New technology pops up every day to optimize operations across a business with visibility and data. However, any successful tech solution that involves human workers needs to meet certain criteria in security, privacy, and user experience. 

The tradeoff challenge of security, privacy, & usability




While just about every aspect of the workplace has been digitized, one aspect remains: the human.

The human workforce is a major input in a business, and is the last remaining piece to DX. Any solution that attempts to  integrate workers with their digital systems must possess unmatched security, privacy by design, and a natural user experience - for active workers and knowledge workers alike. 

Yet another roadblock is the point solution approach that has widely become the norm for how businesses adopt new technology.

For example, several tech solutions exist individually for strong identity authentication, digital signing, social distancing, contact tracing, or worker health and safety, but not as one solution to provide all of the above in one investment. On a case-by-case basis, many of these bespoke approaches are appealing, but what businesses fail to consider is that this one-by-one adoption increases overall cost and inhibits successful digital transformation in the long-term. 


Scalability also becomes unnecessarily complicated and expensive in part because individual solutions cannot enhance each other. For example, if a business invests in contact tracing tech for COVID-19, it cannot be easily linked with door and floor access to create a geofencing application. Under this way of thinking about digitally transforming your business, investments become obsolete when the problem it was meant to address is resolved. What will your business do with its contact tracing technology if we are no longer in a state of global pandemic?

The problem must first be recognized

At Nymi, we recognized this dual problem with how businesses currently think about digital transformation and what employee safeguards need to be in place to complete digital transformation. In response, we developed a patented technology that delivers unmatched security, privacy by design, and a natural user experience in one solution that is easy to deploy and easy to scale. The Nymi Band is the workplace wearable and platform designed for the connected workers of today and tomorrow. 


How we did it

Enduring connected worker solutions cannot result in trade-offs between security, compliance, and user experience. Each critical success factor goes hand-in-hand.

Nymi Enterprise Edition combines a highly secure, wearable device with an easily deployed enterprise software platform, to provide the leading connected worker technology that is built for any industry.


Our core customer base began in some of the most highly regulated, compliance-driven environments in the world. Now, we expand confidently into other verticals with a proven solution.


With Nymi, you can be assured that you are connected in confidence.

Solution Architecture

The Nymi Band is a workplace wearable that combines strong biometrics with presence-aware technologies to enable users to move through their physical workspaces and perform functions with security and ease. 

A Nymi-Enabled Application (NEA) can be any web or native application that makes use of the Nymi Band's security functions.

The Nymi Enrollment App is a Windows application for secure self-service enrollment of your Nymi Band.

Nymi Lynk is a personal smartphone app that provides a Nymi Band user with full control over their identity and privacy. It enforces transparency in enterprise privacy policies, and allows rich interaction with visualizations of your personal data and other useful tools.

The Nymi Enterprise Server (NES) is a highly secure server that integrates Nymi Enterprise Edition with identity providers, such as Active Directory, and ties security to manufacturing systems.

Nymi’s solution is designed for seamless integration into enterprise identity ecosystems, such as Windows Active Directory (AD) environments.

More about Nymi Enterprise Edition 


Connecting workers to their digital systems safely, securely, and simply begins with strong identity authentication.

The Nymi Band combines fingerprint scanning, heartbeat sensing, and On-Body Detection to prove an individual’s identity at the highest confidence rate.


Then, it uses secure NFC and BLE to communicate to the enrollment app, enterprise systems, sensors and applications, while using encrypted BLE to communicate with the Nymi Lynk smartphone app. 


Nymi Lynk is a personal smartphone app that allows Nymi Band users to view and control their company’s privacy policy and settings, step on/off the grid with airplane mode, opt-in/-out of different applications, navigate their own data and analytics, and interact with Nymi applications (including: social distancing, contact tracing, physical/logical access, and digital signing).

On the back end, the NEE (on-prem) and Nymi Platform (cloud) defines and enforces policies based on specifications, like role, location, and status of training in a learning management system (LMS)


Nymi-Enabled Applications (NEAs) interact with the connected worker via secure NFC and BLE channels.

Cryptographic certificates are used for authentication and signing. Integrations are enabled through a wide variety of standards, the Nymi API, and popular SSOs.


Nymi provides an SDK that assists teams to build NEAs, which consists of customer enterprise components. The Nymi SDK provides developers with tools to seamlessly integrate Nymi Enterprise Edition with the relying party (e.g. MES, HMI, SSO, and so on).

Nymi Enterprise

The Nymi Enterprise Server (NES) provides administration and enterprise services for the entire connected worker solution.


This includes managing updates, backup and DR, scalability, security, policy management, and integration with the enterprise identity system.

Your Worker's Health, Safety, and Security

Just Became Wearable

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