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Unlock the digital power of a connected workforce with the Nymi Connected Worker Platform.

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Platform vs Point Solutions 

The way organizations have been connecting workers to the digital space is expensive, slow, and difficult for users. It also inhibits change and innovation. So, let’s discuss a better way.
We can start by saying ‘no’ to bespoke solutions. They solve one use case at a time and create a maze-like infrastructure that buries business goals, disrupts operations, and impedes innovation. They also create systems that are expensive to operate and virtually impossible to scale — and the burden for making things work falls heavily on the workers.

Point solutions have the added consequence of weighing down organizations with a patchwork of disparate systems because they were most likely adopted without planning for future connectivity. For employees, this means they must connect themselves to each different system with a different credential (maybe a badge for physical access, username/password for logical access, etc.) that is burdensome on the worker, expensive for the employer, and results in a system that inhibits business innovation.


Humans: From Connectors to Connected

Nymi’s Connected Worker Platform (CWP) simplifies the connection of workers to the digital space. Instead of connecting workers one use case at a time, Nymi connects them through a single, unified platform that addresses a host of use cases out of the box and can deal with new ones as they arise.


The Nymi CWP connects workers from the factory floor to the C-Suite, creating a human network and delivering organization-wide benefits.
Combining a highly secure wearable (the Nymi Band™) with an easily deployed enterprise software platform, the CWP provides connected worker technology that is suited to any industry. The Nymi Band allows touchless and fully encrypted wireless communication between users and digital systems. 

On-device biometrics ensure the identity of the user, while integrated sensors convey information about the individual and their environment.

Rendering of Nymi Band showing back angle.
Rendering of Nymi Band show front angle.

With Nymi, 1 + 1 = 3 (at least!)

Nymi’s core functionality includes security, privacy, UX, location, presence, on-body detection, hands-free, real-time communication, as well as health and safety. Since these building blocks can be combined in a multitude of ways along with additional functionality that also comes out of the box, the CWP lets you rapidly create innovative solutions to address an endless range of use cases. There’s no tech sprawl, and the operational burden is shifted to the system itself, leaving workers to do what they do best  their jobs.

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Unlike the limited results you get from bolting together bespoke solutions (1 + 1 = 2), Nymi creates an exponential multiplier effect where the total value of the solution is always greater than the sum of its parts  because solving an organization’s problems is never simply about stringing together a series of separate capabilities.

The Nymi Connected Worker Platform positions your organization to proactively respond to today's known problems, as well as tomorrow's unknown challenges.



Solve new and existing problems easily and quickly. One deployment of the Nymi Connected Worker Platform delivers the core functions to create any number of new applications.



Turn on applications when you need them (e.g., social distancing and contact tracing) or turn them off when you don't, but the capabilities are built into the Nymi Connected Worker Platform. 



Applications scale in a 1+1=3 multiplier effect. By being tied together on a connected worker platform, use cases can communicate with each other for exponential benefits. For example, link physical access to a user's self-health attestation. 

Your Worker's Health, Safety, and Security

Just Became Wearable