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Unlock new levels of agility, flexibility, and scalability when you connect your workforce through the

Nymi Connected Worker Platform (CWP).

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What's the problem?

We lack connection.


For decades, organizations have adopted technology on a case-by-case basis. Today, the resulting infrastructures lack connectivity between systems and translate into a fragmented user experience for employees, while the need for separate credentials puts the responsibility of connection and security on the worker.

This approach is expensive to maintain, burdensome on employees, and inhibits business innovation.

What's the solution?

We need to connect — differently.


We need to shift the burden of secure and private  connections from the worker to the network. That's why we've reimagined the manual (and unsecure) credential process with a workplace wearable. The Nymi Band    puts the power of a connected worker platform on the wrist. One authentication integrates employees with all their digital systems, enabling the seamless connection of work activities.


Workers: From connectors to connected.

Three Foundational Principles of the Nymi CWP

Safe, Secure, & Simple

"We will be roadblocked from advancing further along the exciting path of digital transformation until we rethink the way people converge with technology. That's why our solution (and company vision) are based on three foundational principles designed to protect people first in our world of rapidly evolving technology."

- Chris Sullivan, CEO Nymi



Protecting user privacy is fundamental to building usable technology, and it needs to be prioritized from the beginning of the solution design.

Read more on what privacy means to us.

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Identity is the new security perimeter, which is why we designed a solution with multifactor authentication and continuous on-body detection on a passwordless wearable with collusion detection and prevention.


Now, that's zero trust.

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A workplace wearable must be able to do whatever and go wherever the job demands. If it doesn’t make your life simpler, easier, safer, and more secure, what’s the point?

Connected in confidence.


What's the benefit of it all?

A connected workforce can adapt proactively in a changing world. 


Solve new and existing problems easily and quickly. One deployment of the Nymi CWP delivers the core functions to create any number of new applications.

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Applications can communicate with each other because they are built on a single platform. For example, physical access in the workplace can be linked to an employee's daily self-health attestation.


Turn on applications when you need them (e.g., social distancing and contact tracing) or turn them off when you don't, but the capabilities are built into the Nymi CWP.


Whether employees are working from home or in the office, the Nymi CWP secures workers at the identity perimeter. 

Your Worker's Health, Safety, and Security

Just Became Wearable