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Use the Nymi Band for Passwordless Authentication with Ping Identity Platforms

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA – December 3, 2020 – Nymi, Inc. announced today, customers looking to leverage the Ping Intelligent Identity platform can now use the Nymi Band, a biometric enabled multi-factor authentication wearable that supports FIDO2 for passwordless authentication.

Ping Identity unveiled PingZero, a suite of advanced passwordless authentication features that utilize device and browser settings, biometrics, and the FIDO2 standard to provide enterprises with greater assurance that a user is who they say they are. PingZero uniquely leverages the Ping Intelligent Identity platform and other technologies including the FIDO2 standard to enable passwordless experiences across a variety of resources and applications making the Nymi Band a strong and secure passwordless authentication option within the Ping Identity ecosystem.

The Nymi Band is a standards-based workplace wearable with FIDO2 standard capabilities built into the solution. The band offers a secure, convenient, hands-free, and private solution for logging into enterprise systems, networks, data, applications, and devices with continuous biometric authentication - all without the need to enter credentials such as a username and password or to touch any surfaces.

Nymi is a member of the FIDO Alliance and is committed to expanding the use of safe, secure, and simple authentication. In accordance with FIDO Alliance standards, Nymi has implemented the FIDO2 specifications in the Nymi Band, offering a flexible and adaptive wearable method to quickly and securely authenticate workers in all sorts of environments.

Today, Nymi serves many multinational enterprises across 16 countries, delivering data integrity and security, and allowing highly regulated industries to achieve compliance securely and efficiently. In addition to this, the Nymi Band offers a seamless user experience that boosts employee productivity, quality, and efficiency all while strengthening zero-trust security principles and access controls for the enterprise

To learn more about the Nymi Band, a safe, secure, and simple authentication wearable that supports passwordless technology contact us here.


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