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Nymi and Tulip Partner to Deliver Secure Authentication in Tulip Apps

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA – December 10, 2020 – Nymi, Inc. today announced an integration with Tulip to provide secure, seamless, biometric authentication in Tulip Apps through the Nymi Band.

Tulip is a no-code manufacturing app platform used by leading manufacturers around the world to increase the productivity, quality, and efficiency of their operations. Driven by a mutual interest in simplifying the human experience of digital transformation, this partnership facilitates biometric touchless authentication with zero-trust security principles and access controls without the need for end users to enter their username or password credentials. This results in seamless and compliant operations that improve user experience, efficiency, and data integrity without compromising security.

Today’s solutions are complex, incomplete, and lack a strong chain of trust that you have the proper people performing the business action intended, challenging the integrity of data. Nymi’s workplace wearable, the Nymi Band, can help simplify instructions for complex processes, bring quality in-line, and enforce regulatory compliance through electronic signatures, audit logs, and automatic data collection to ensure data integrity and traceability.

“Our partnership simplifies how manufacturing systems can continue to meet their compliance and e-signing requirements whilst improving user satisfaction for workers,” said Andrew Foxcroft, Vice President of Nymi. “The Nymi Band provides a powerful, user-centric, secure form of biometric authentication for logins and e-signatures that is safe, secure, and simple for the manufacturing process within the Tulip ecosystem.”

This solution expands access to Nymi's secure authentication solution into Tulip's simple, no-code manufacturing process applications. In addition, the partnership enables Tulip to expand industry 4.0 initiatives and offer a solution that accounts for a seamless user experience.

"Nymi helps life sciences companies maintain quality and compliance while reducing time to perform signatures,” said Gilad Languer, Industry Practice Lead at Tulip.Biometric authentication through the Nymi Band in Tulip apps provides a significant benefit, especially when people are gowned or handling hazardous material."

To learn more about Nymi’s partnership with Tulip and how this technology could support your business, contact us here.


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