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Enabling Operators to Manufacture with Speed, Quality, and Convenience in Pharma 4.0

February 21, 2023

We are living in a golden age of technology and innovation. The number of problems we can solve or improve with technology are tremendous. However, some of the most critical industries are paradoxically the most challenged for adoption. Pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing is a prime example of a sector that is ripe for transformation, but historically slow to scale in part because of the highly regulated environments governed by these companies.

Innovation in Pharma Impacts Patient Lives

Pharma 4.0 initiatives aim to optimize operational efficiency and quality at scale through innovation. While this makes for better bottom line performance for manufacturers, the end result is the impact on people’s health, vitality, and longevity. Pharma 4.0 really drives towards more patients better serviced and lives saved.

Currently, digital transformation projects in this space often focus on smart machines and connected devices. In the manufacturing equation, people are a critical factor but are often overlooked. While operators in these environments cannot be replaced by machines, we can digitally empower them with technology.

What Does Digital Transformation of the Human Workforce Look Like in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?

Just like the industry they comprise, operators in manufacturing environments are challenging to enable because of their unique job requirements:

At the heart of several intersecting pain points experienced by operators and enterprise is authentication. By tackling the authentication problem for operators, Nymi was able to create a new model for working with a biometric wearable, the Nymi Band.

At the beginning of a shift, a single authentication to the Nymi Band’s fingerprint sensor activates On-Body Detection. The Nymi Band remains authenticated and ready-to-use while worn, which means it can eliminate manual password entry and be used under PPE with contactless taps. The wearable design also keeps the hands free for work.

In addition, the Nymi Band is deployed with the Connected Worker Platform, which uses a standards-based approach and partner integrations to connect operators to an increasing number of applications and systems in their workplace ecosystem. The result for operators is superworker productivity as they interact across systems in passwordless, contactless, and handsfree workflows.

Systems-centric vs. Human-centric

Let’s consider now the current systems-centric approach to authentication in pharma manufacturing. The technological infrastructures of a manufacturing organization, which manages both IT and OT networks, are notoriously complicated, segregated, and were not designed to work with each other. Each system has its own authentication method and the operator is expected to manually connect to them each and every time as needed.

The operator is the common denominator that moves between applications, systems, and networks. By enabling them for connectivity with a single authentication biometrically verified at the person, they become a connected worker; digitally empowered to manufacture with speed, quality, and convenience. A connected workforce will allow organizations to realize immediate time and cost savings, but the end result is better care for patients.


Nymi is exhibiting at the following events! Visit our booth for a live demo of connected worker use cases with the Nymi Band.

ISPE- CaSA Life Sciences Tech Show

Raleigh Convention Center

Raleigh, NC, US

February 28, 2023

Table #813

Register here.

Lab of the Future Congress

Renaissance Boston Waterfront

Boston, MA, US

March 9-10, 2023

Booth #7

Register here.

Pharma MES USA

Paradise Point Resort & Spa

San Diego, CA, US

March 19-21, 2023

Register here.

Blue Line Life Science IT Day

Nordsjællands KonferenceCenter

Lillerød, DK

March 21, 2023

Register here.

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