Nymi Workplace


One solution to deliver better safety, security, & simplicity

across your enterprise. 


Covid-19 Social Distancing & Contact Tracing

Physical danger alerts
Lone worker alerts
Lab cleanable


Handsfree authentication
Presence-enabled login/logout

One credential to access systems 

Scalable for future applications

How the Nymi Band Works

One-time Enrollment

Wear your Nymi Band

Place your finger on the sensor
Complete enrollment

Your identity is “locked” onto the
Nymi Band 

Daily Authentication

Wear your Nymi Band

Place your finger on the sensor
Nymi Band senses your heartbeat
The Ping means you are active


Safe, Secure, & Simple All-Day

Continuous authentication for Logon, eSign, System Access, Physical Access, Social Distancing, and Contact Tracing as long as the Nymi Band remains on your wrist


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Your Worker's Health, Safety, and Security

Just Became Wearable

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