Connected and 

What if work could be secure and frictionless?

Reimagine what it means to be connected in a digital world. 

Unlock the power of a connected workforce with a

wearable connected worker platform.

A connected workforce is transformed with safe, secure, and simple applications

Health & Safety


Protect employees with smart health & safety applications 

Smart Distancing & Contact Tracing

Physical access linked to self-attestation


Let us know what you need 

Transform access across the enterprise with biometrics, Zero Trust, and nonrepudiation made easy on one secure workplace wearable

Doors, Floors, & Elevators (PACS)

Data and Systems (IT/OT)

Remote Access

Identity & Access Management

Sign off on critical processes with stronger data integrity and identity assurance

MES/HMI Signing

A leading life sciences manufacturer saw a 50% reduction in e-signature time and improved data integrity.

GxP-Validated Environments


Frictionless Connection

Our standards-based approach and vast partner network means we connect to your existing infrastructure

Secure Printing

Vending Payment

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Trusted by 9 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies & more 

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Your Worker's Health, Safety, and Security

Just Became Wearable