Solution Overview

The Challenge

Current enterprise authentication solutions are weak and broken. Usernames and passwords, smart cards, and PINs are all cumbersome, insecure authentication methods that are easily lost, shared, or stolen. An enterprise's most vital information is at constant risk of exploitation. Data integrity is questionable. Compliance concerns increase. Productivity diminishes. Costs rise.

Complex infrastructures like those on a manufacturing production line and tight controls make change prohibitive. Changing authentication solutions frequently entails weighing trade-offs between security and productivity, or implementing a solution that doesn't meet the compliance requirements set forth by governing bodies, thus risking fines and escalating costs.

Current Authentication Solutions = Weak Security = Questionable Data Integrity = Compliance Violations = Expensive Fines

Nymi Enterprise Edition


Nymi realizes that changing authentication solutions cannot result in trade-offs between data integrity, security, compliance, and productivity. Each critical success factor goes hand-in-hand.

Nymi Enterprise Edition combines a highly secure, wearable device with an easily deployed enterprise software solution, to provide the world's strongest authentication solution to enterprises that are highly regulated, compliance driven, and place a high value on data integrity.

Nymi Enterprise Edition = Tighter Security = Assured Data Integrity = Simplified Compliance Audits = Improved Operational Efficiency

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