More Ways to Authenticate with Nymi Confidently

Want more ways to ensure compliance with user data authentication? Or more confidence in the Nymi approach? If so, our news is good news. So far, 2018 has been an incredibly exciting year for Nymi, from winning awards and entering new strategic partnerships to launching our latest authentication solution, Nymi Enterprise Edition™.  

Nymi Enterprise Edition

Nymi Enterprise Edition is an authentication solution custom-made for regulated manufacturing environments. The solution consists of a multi-factor biometrically authenticated wearable (the Nymi Band™) and enterprise-capable software for administration, management and integration into existing identity ecosystems. It provides the industry’s first enterprise-grade authentication solution that addresses data integrity and compliance concerns with no productivity trade-off.


Nymi Enterprise Edition will be in full production and in manufacturing facilities around the globe by end of September of this year.

Click and download the Nymi Enterprise Edition: Overview PDF

New Partnerships

We’ve also entered into two amazing partnerships over the last few months:

In May we announced a partnership with Werum IT Solutions. Werum IT Solutions is the world’s leadingsupplier of manufacturing execution systems (MES) and manufacturing IT solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. The majority of the world’s top 30 pharmaceutical and biotech companies and also many mid-sized manufacturers run Its PAS-X software. Werum’s manufacturing IT solutions help pharma manufacturers increase efficiency, improve productivity, and meet regulatory requirements.


This gives pharmaceutical companies another way to easily integrate the Nymi Enterprise Edition authentication solution into the day-to-day operations on the shop floor. Partnering with Werum, we ensure data integrity and regulatory compliance, all while delivering you a productivity gain.

For more information on the partnership between Nymi and Werum IT Solutions, please click here to see the press release.


A couple of weeks later, in June, Nymi announced a strategic partnership with Konica Minolta thathas Konica Minolta making a financial investment in Nymi. This strategic partnership validates Nymi’s Always On Authentication™ solution for pharmaceutical and will allow us to expand into broader verticals as we look to bring Nymi authentication solutions to a wider audience.

For more information on the partnership between Nymi and Konica Minolta, please click here to see the press release.

Awards & Recognition

We were totally blown away at the Interphex show this year, as we won Best Product/Service of the show for 2018! The Interphex show features vendors from all across the pharma and biopharma spectrum, ranging from large scale manufacturing equipment, to cutting edge AR/VR solutions for the shop floor. Winning this award while amongst so many phenomenalcompanies is a true honor.


Click here for the Interphex press release


And most recently, we’ve been honoured by Pharmaceutical Manufacturing by winning one of their 2018 Pharma Innovation Awards! These awards are across multiple categories, ranging from Analytical and Monitoring Devices to Bioprocessing through to Plant Floor Operations. Nymi’s win is in the Smart Pharma category, and shows that Nymi is leading the way in authentication in both in greenfield and brownfield facilities.

Click here to read more about Pharmaceutical Manufacturing award win!

As you can tell, it’s been a very busy time here at Nymi, with lots of exciting developments still to come.  What does this mean for you? New ways to approach data integrity and user authentication. It also spells added confidence that the innovative Nymi Enterprise Edition authentication solution will work for you, and that the company will grow to support your needs.

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