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Nymi Band


The passwordless solution for deskless workers.
Authenticate once, access anywhere.

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Rendering of Nymi Band showing back angle.

Tap-to-Access through Open Standards,
like FIDO2, HID Seos, and Legic Advant

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Windows Logon

Acts as a Microsoft Entra ID device for passwordless login to Windows Hello for Business


Applies auditable and compliant electronic signatures in a contactless tap

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App Sign-In

Utilizes SSO from your identity provider or signs-in directly to FIDO2-enabled apps

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Physical Access

Supports HID Seos and Legic Advant built into the Nymi Band


Ultimate Security and End-User Simplicity
in Compliance-Driven Environments


The Nymi Band delivers an innovative blend of leading security practices


No usernames or passwords


Multi-Factor Authentication

Biometric Authentication via fingerprint

Always-On Authentication     (persistent identity)


Strong security without compromising productivity

For employees, working in various settings, the Nymi Band is simply easy to use. It enables super productivity with passwordless, contactless, and handsfree workflows - even through PPE.


Designed for compliant use in regulated industries

The Nymi Band is fit for use in GxP-validated environments, passes relevant FDA and EMA standards, and is durable and cleanable for sterile environments.

Simplifying IT/OT network authentication, securely.

Organizations with a modern IT infrastructure can use the Nymi Band for simplified connectivity that strengthens security.


Note: For legacy systems, the Nymi Band must be paired with the Connected Worker Platform for deployment.

Nymi is trusted by the world's leading innovators

Including 9 of the global top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturers and more


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