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Our Story

About Us 

Nymi is a Toronto-based technology company that is enabling true digital transformation. 

Nymi is a world where people and digital systems converge with privacy by design, unmatched security, and a natural UX even in the most challenging work environments. We create a digital twin for the active worker through a hands-free, continuous, private, and secure link to the digital world.


Nymi serves some of the most demanding customers in the world including Fortune 100 medical device and tech manufactures and 9 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies. In these environments, quality, security, compliance and unwavering operational technology (OT) are permission to play.

Wondering how

we got here? 

Nymi was born out of research at the University of Toronto which proved that ECG, in combination with other biometrics, cryptography, and a human-centric approach can seamlessly integrate between workers and digital systems.


Today, the Nymi solutions provide a hands-free, continuous, private, and secure link to the digital world. We enable sophisticated applications like virtualized security with geo-fencing, social distancing and contact tracing and the seamless integration of physical and logical access systems.


Put on the Nymi Band, get connected and get on with your day – simple, safe, and secure.

Your Worker's Health, Safety, and Security

Just Became Wearable

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