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Welcome! The Nymi Docs aim to orient you to developing Nymi-Enabled Apps (NEAs). This introduction will go over the sections in the rest of the Docs, and why you need to know what's in them.

First and foremost, to develop apps that work with Nymis, you need to know what a Nymi is and what it can do. Summarily, a Nymi is a wristband that allows the wearer to safely identify themself to compatible applications via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The Nymi is covered further in the Nymi Band section.

Next, we go over how to integrate the Nymi Communication Library (NCL) into your app, making it an NEA. This is covered in the Getting Started section. Currently, Windows, Android, OSX, and iOS are supported. For each platform (except Windows), there are "native" and "net" flavors of the NCL. The native flavor is for directly interacting with physical Nymis, and the net flavor allows interaction with a Nymi ecosystem daemon (ecodaemon). There are currently two ecodaemons. The first is the Nymulator, which is a program that allows for development without a physical Nymi. This is covered in the Nymulator section. The second ecodaemon is the Nymi Bluetooth Service (NBS), which is needed on Windows to interact with physical Nymis.

After being oriented with the major components of the Nymi ecosystem, it's time to start coding. This is what the Tutorials section is for. Note that there are also example NEAs in your SDK package, though they are not referenced here. The Message Diagrams section helps conceptualize some of the common sequences many NEAs need to go through. And the NCL reference is where to look once you're comfortable, and just need a reference.

The troubleshooting section aims to enumerate some of the more common problems people have and their solutions.